Down from His Glory


From resplendent repose in His Father’s throne,

From the alabaster atmosphere of Eternity,

To the sulking walls of an earthen stall—He came.


From the tapestry of Heaven’s divine light,

From the song of the seraphim

And the worship of exalted beings,

To the hand-hewn humility of a manger,

To the lowing of oxen and the bleating of sheep—He came!

From the adoration of angelic hosts,

Spread forth in numberless array,

To the kneeling, whispering awe of simple shepherds—

He came!

From infinity to finiteness,

From Glory to dust,

From Heaven to Earth,

From the sweetest strains of Heavenly melody

To the chaotic cacophony of Earth’s dreadful din,

Our Lord and Savior came to redeem all who come to God by Him

Glory to God in the highest—He Came!

–E. Foster

A Blessed and Merry Christmas to All!